Zone Pesisir Selatan
peta pesisir selatan.jpg

 PT Dempo Sumber Energi

    1. PLTM Pelangai Hulu  9.8 MW

    2. PLTM Pelangai Hilir  3.6 MW


  PT Dempo Mitra Internasional

    1. PLTM Air Pura 1   8.4 MW

    2. PLTM Air Pura 2   9.0 MW



South Coastal District, the north bordering the city of Padang, east to Solok District and the province of Jambi, south with the province of Bengkulu and west by the Indonesian Ocean.


South Coastal District is located on the beach, with a coastline of 218 kilometers. Topography is comprised of plains, mountains and hills that are an extension Bukit Barisan clusters. Based on land use, 45.29% of the area consists of forests, including the area of the Kerinci National Park, Nature Reserve Koto XI Tarusan, and peat bogs.

Address :
Tim-Tim Street, Blok Y-2
Ulak Karang Padang City, West Sumatera
+62 751 442991