The Pucuak Residence

The Pucuak Residence


   The Pucuak Residence is located in Puncak Gunung Padang area. With this position provides 2 sides unique scenery. The location facing the east can enjoy the View of Padang City, while the west side will get the experience of enjoying the sunset view of the sea.

The "The Pucuak Residence" housing project was initiated by PT Dempo to develop a vacant land location located in a strategic area, located on the top of Gunung Padang and can enjoy sunset and sunrise which is 2.79km away from the Malin Kundang rock tourist attraction, 3.5km from Siti Nurbaya bridge, 3.7KM from the typical Minangkabau souvenir center, 6.27 from the coast of Padang city and 6.85 KM from Padang city shopping center. This property project is intended to optimize the purchased resources, especially in the utility aspect of "Land De velopment" and the creation of Added Value for Stakeholders.

  Government policies, especially local governments, encourage the role of the private sector in providing villa accommodation for the community. This property development concept refers to the development of the location to be villa accommodation that meets the criteria for middle to upper income people with beautiful nuances, elegant, European style, environmentally friendly and minimalist.

   The demographic of the development location is just south of the city of Padang. Where do we know the condition of the city of Padang is getting narrower and the number of new families coming from outside the city of Padang or at least working in the city of Padang. The location of the area is 3.87 Km from the sweet water beach. Mount Padang as a natural tourism place will further highlight the beauty of the natural sea accompanied by soothing wind gusts at the location.

As we know the density of growth and development of building land that functions as trade, offices and hotels Other lodging and utilities have reduced land for housing in the Padang area, making this location a place to calm down and hangout with family or friends.

   The location of this project is quite strategic for the middle income class community. Property location will build a number of facilities including:


1. Café

2. Villa

3. Guest House

4. Garage

5. Outdoor gazebo

6. Swimming pool

7. Children's playground

8. PDAM: there is

9. Phone: there

Address :
Tim-Tim Street, Blok Y-2
Ulak Karang Padang City, West Sumatera
+62 751 442991