Nagari Pelangai Gadang, Kecamatan Ranah Pesisir Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan

Sumatera Barat


   Downstream Mini Hydro Power Plant Palangai 3.60 MW installed capacity was developed by PT. Dempo Sumber Energi is located in Lubuak Sariak Hamlet, Tanjung Masjid Village, Nagari Palangai Gadang, Ranah Pesisir District, South Pesisir Regency, West Sumatra Province. The watershed for the Lower Palangai PLTM is 292.10 km2. The design debit used was 23.51 m3 / sec with an event probability of 35%, and a planned flood discharge of 400 m3 / s. Intake was taken directly from the tailrace of Upper Palangai PLTM, carrier channel measuring 5.1 mx 3.90 m along 1300 m, sedative tub measuring 17.5 mx 50 m, penstock used diameter 2 mx 2.49 m along 19 m, high net fall 15.79 m, and the power house size is 15 x 38 m. Energy production is 17.74 GWh per year, capacity factor is 61%, type of Run off River operation, transaction point in GH Balai Tuesday is 7 kms from the power house using JTM 20 kV. Development costs amounting to Rp. 65,325,063,000-, the cost of carrying out construction and M-E is Rp. 59,611,063,000. The time needed for development is needed for 32 months and the construction time is 19 months. The area needed for construction is ± 3.54 Ha. Financial analysis with the assumption that the loan source is 70%, the source of the funds is 30%, the bank loan interest rate is 14%, the loan source IRR is 17.06% with BCR 1.17 and this project will Break Event Point (BEP) in 4.6 years. Based on this study Pelangai Hulu MHP is financially feasible to build and recommended to proceed to the Detail Engineering Design.

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