PLTA PROPA EUMATOPA KAPASITAS 128 MW, Kecamatan Ulu Bongka Kabupaten Tojo Una – una Provinsi Sulawesi Tengah.

The recommended weir location is Sialang Sub-district Village Ulubongka. Determination of the location is done by going along the river in the area Bt river flow. Bongka. Field surveys were conducted to find out which locations which has the potential to be implemented for the construction of a Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA). To determine the height difference (Head), the location will be tagged using GPS. From a field review around the location of the dam plan and the location of the Power plan The house obtained the GPS coordinates of the location location plan, as follows:

  • Weir = 1 ° 13 '37.19 "S - 121 ° 42' 47.52" E

  • Power House = 1 ° 14 '11.87 "S - 121 ° 41' 19.11" E

  • Water Fall Height (Head) = 161.7 m.

  • Weir height = 110 m

lokasi study.jpg

Location Map

lokasi PLTA satelit.jpg

Location Map Satelite

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location PLTA of map forestry

The development of hydropower is generally carried out with the Resevoir system which requires a reservoir which generally requires large areas of land. At the location the plan is made spillway with permanent construction to raise the water that will enter the penstock through tunnel to the power house to rotate the turbine and exit through the tail water flow back to the fixed debit river.

Electric generators driven by turbine engines with hydropower. This driving water taken from the river). To enter the intake the water level of the river is raised by weir, so that water enters the intake and continues to be carried with the carrier channel towards Surge Tank. From the sedimentary bath, the water is inserted into the penstock with a touch regularly with a slope of 45o - 60o to the power house to rotate the turbine as a generator drive. After the water from the turbine engine is discharged through the channel discharges to the river where the amount of discharge is not reduced from the beginning.

SKEMA lokasi PLTA.jpg

Scheme Location of PLTA PROPA UEMATOPA

Research on the potential of hydropower in Tojo Una-una, aimed at the river selected from Bakosurtanal Topographic map study with scale; 1: 250,000, namely:

  • Name of River: Batang Bongka

  • Village: Sialang

  • District: Ulu Bongka

  • District: Tojo Una-una


Location Area of PLTA

Documentation existing of Sungai Bongka

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Tim-Tim Street, Blok Y-2
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