Green Merangin Makmur

  This "Green Merangin Makmur" housing project was initiated by PT Merangin Makmur to develop a vacant land location located in a strategic area, located near the city center. This property project is intended to optimize the purchased resources, especially in the utility aspect of "Land De velopment" and the creation of Added Value for Stakeholders.

  Government policies, especially local governments, which encourage the role of the private sector in the provision of housing for the community. The concept of property development refers to the development of the location into subsidized housing that meets the criteria of housing for middle to lower income people with a beautiful, environmentally friendly and minimalist nuance. Construction will be carried out in stages with an indent system with a target of completion of 160 housing units and 8 shophouse units within a maximum of 48 months.

  Prioritizing efficiency and effectiveness in development and involving local communities as stakeholders in the physical work of house construction.

Green Merangin Makmur

1. Property Location

   Located near the center of Bangko which has a distance of 3.1km. This location is a housing development area to support the needs of the middle to lower class people who work in Bangko area, which amounts to 30 units that are sold and there will be an additional 10 units on site.


2. Demography

   The demographic of the development location is just west of the city of Bangko. Where we know the condition of Bangko area is getting smaller and the number of agricultural, plantation, fisheries, livestock and services sectors. Main commodities of agriculture are corn, rice, chili, cabbage. plantation sub-sector with commodity of oil palm, rubber, coffee, cinnamon, areca nut. Main commodities of fishery sub-sector are cage cultivation, pond cultivation, paddy cultivation, commodity livestock sub-sector are goats, and buffalo. Commodity services sub-sectors are natural tourism and cultural tourism. Agricultural fields as the livelihoods of the Bangko population make this river area population soared over new families from the Jambi area or at least work in the Bangko area. Land location is 3 Km from Bangko city center, 3.77 KM from Kolonel Abujani Bangko Hospital, 3.40 KM from Bangko Regent office and 131 KM from Jambi.


3. Population

   As we know the density of the growth and development of agricultural land that functions as trade, offices and hotels other lodging and utilities have reduced land for occupancy in Bangko area. The high demand for housing in the Bangko area has caused house prices to reach a maximum point so that the lower classes cannot be reached. Population growth and the high trend of young families today cause the need for affordable home solutions that are not far from Bangko area.


4. Public Facilities

   The location of this project is quite strategic for the middle income class community. Property locations close to a number of public facilities include:

Public facilities:

1. Mosque: 150 m

2. District Office: 2 Km

3. Puskesmas, klinic, rumkit: 600 m to 3 Km

4. Means of Elementary, Middle, and High School Education: 500 m

5. Traditional Market: 700 m

6. North Sumatra Bank, Bank BRI, Mandiri, 800 m

7. Electricity Network: there

8. PDAM: there is

9. Phone: there

Location Green Merangin Makmur

 a.  Market Potential & Segmentation

    The need for representative housing is very urgent for every community / family. Therefore, the location of the property "Green Meringin Makmur" is expected to meet the needs of the lower middle class society.


 b. Marketing Strategy

    The marketing strategy that will be used is to apply the marketing mix strategy by utilizing media promotion intensively. Media promotions include using Attractive Leaflet, Brochures, Promotional Balloons, Installation of banners and banners, and door to door to Institutions considered potential for the "Green Meringin Makmur" property class. What can be done to accelerate the sale of the property "Green Meringin Makmur" is to find a target market that has fixed income and is not disturbed by the situation and condition of the Indonesian economy. Broad network is one of the important assets of PT. MM. Through this network, PT. MM has potential buyers from one of the government institutions.


c. Project Utility

  Based on the marketing strategy and the data obtained, the use of land for the development of house construction can be optimized in a period of two years. Utilities / networks that exist around the location include electricity networks, Telkom, PDAMs and other supporting networks

Address :
Tim-Tim Street, Blok Y-2
Ulak Karang Padang City, West Sumatera
+62 751 442991