Zone Sumatra Utara

Upstream Mini Hydro Power Plant Pelangai Hulu installed capacity of 9.80 MW was developed by PT. Dempo Sumber Energi located in Lubuak Sariak Hamlet, Tanjung Masjid Village, Pelangai Gadang Nagari,

Zone Pesisir Selatan

South Coastal District, the north bordering the city of Padang, east to Solok District and the province of Jambi, south with the province of Bengkulu and west by the Indonesian Ocean.

Zone Solok Selatan


South Solok regency is located at an altitude of 350-430 meters above sea level. Its area reaches 359,013 hectares

PLTA Romuku

The recommended weir location is located in Peonea Village, Mori District

Above Poso Regency. Determination of the location is done by walking along the river

in the Bt river basin. Koro laa.

Zone Pasaman Barat

West Pasaman with an area of 3,864.02 square kilometers, a population of 365,129 inhabitants with public administration which includes 11 (eleven) districts.

PLTA Propa

The recommended weir location is Sialang Sub-district Village Ulubongka. Determination of the location is done by going along the river in the area Bt river flow. Bongka.

Zone Tanah Datar

Geographically Tanah Datar is located in the middle of West Sumatra province, namely in 00º 17‘ LS - 00º 39' LS and 100º 19’ BT - 100º 51’ BT. Average altitude of 400 to 1,000 meters above sea level.

Address :
Tim-Tim Street, Blok Y-2
Ulak Karang Padang City, West Sumatera
+62 751 442991