Dempo residence dhamasraya

The housing project "Devinda Nili Asri" was initiated by PT Dempo Bangun Bersama to develop the location of vacant land located in a strategic area on the main road of Jl. Cross Sumatra. This property project is intended to optimize the purchased resources, especially in the utility aspect of "Land De velopment" and the creation of Added Value for Stakeholders.

Government policies, especially local governments, which encourage the role of the private sector in the provision of housing for the community. This property development concept refers to: Development of the location into a housing cluster that meets the criteria for housing for middle-income people with a beautiful, environmentally friendly and minimalist nuance.

Address :
Tim-Tim Street, Blok Y-2
Ulak Karang Padang City, West Sumatera
+62 751 442991