Anai Resort

Located in the Province of West Sumatra, Indonesia is famous for its natural beauty of tropical woodland. From Minangkabau International Airport (BIM) is only 40 km to Bukittinggi city or about 1 hour drive by vehicle.  Anai Resort area of ​​400 ha is located at the foot of Mount Tandikat (2,439) at an altitude of 600 to 700 m above sea level and of course its cool temperatures are very comfortable. Similarly, the villa building still natural authenticity around, Anai Resort will remain a natural mountain resort for nature lovers.

Malibo Anai is an attractive recreation area for visitors. Because, besides having a fantastic bathing place, it also has a golf course and a villa to stay overnight, which is known with Anai Resort and Golf located in Kandang Ampek, Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra. One of the best choices of tourist sites in Malibo Anai is the place Tirta Alami bath. The place is dominated by beautiful natural beauty and makes it fun to take a bath while on vacation. Tourist attractions that present the beauty of natural charm and presenting the best bathing place, worthy of being given to Tirta Alami Malibo Anai. Because, the source of the spring comes from the Tandikek mountain, the water is clear, the swimming pool is made from natural stone and there are 4 swimming pool choices. Among them, for children, adolescents and adults.

Address :
Tim-Tim Street, Blok Y-2
Ulak Karang Padang City, West Sumatera
+62 751 442991